Why did I join SHSM?

31 May , 2017  

What does SHSM mean? The Specialist High Skills Major program is more than just a program. The Specialist High Skills Major program at Weston is not only an amazing program, to explore and improve TV Video skills such as filming, editing, directing, etc., it is a program that can bring students with great talents, and bond them together through video projects and specialized trips. The SHSM program has given many students including myself, a wide variety of opportunities and skills for the future. Students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major program have earned several certifications and training sessions, what have these training and certifications done for us, it teaches us.

“It taught me more than just how to make videos and movies. It taught me resilience, responsibility, initiative, and many more life skills that not many more life skill that not only with the career I am pursuing, but also as a person”. -Richard La (second year SHSM student)

“It taught me how to work with others in a positive way and how to communicate with others the right way” -Machaela Lynch-Chaytor (second year SHSM student)

“It was the only thing I liked about school, because I had fun learning” -Tyler Winrow (Weston CI SHSM Alumni)

“Before joining the program, I didn’t know how much work is put into making a single video, and now I appreciate how much effort it takes to make a video”. -Selena McCuaig (first year SHSM student)

My experience in the Specialist High Skills Major program taught me all these things and more, most importantly it brought me a second family. My most memorable moments with the other students is during our Cedar Glen trip, together we learn teamwork through team building activities, to cooperate with one another, leadership and built bonds that were unbreakable.

–Vivian Huynh

Vivan is a 2nd year SHSM student who is going to be graduating in a few short days!