STEM 2017 After School Update

29 Mar , 2017  

STEM 2017 After School Update

After a successful 9 week program, the Weston STEM afterschool program ended this week! The 9 week program had 40 students from Amesbury and CR Marchant  participate in Technology programs here at Weston afterschool.

The students were introduced to Design, Engineering and Construction in the wood shop with Mr. Canner and Mr. Degano. While there, they built wooden toys and bird houses. Each student was responsible for designing and implementing their own design!

The other group was introduced to TV Video Production in the studio @ Weston and in a few short weeks with the help of Sports and Media SHSM volunteers produced full length music videos!

So much fun AND learning happened in only a few short weeks!

  1. Thanks to Toni in the office for all the ordering of pizza, taxis, water etc.
  2. Thanks to Mr. Botnick for his leadership.
  3. Thanks to CR Marchant and Amesbury Administration for their continued support of our STEM based after school program.
  4. Thanks to Mr. Canner, Mr. Degano and Mr. Smith for running the program.
  5. Thanks to the SHSM volunteers for their time and excellent leadership skills.