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Weston Athletics: Sports Seasonal Updates By: Felicia Porter

Rugby Players 2015

Friday October 2, 2015 was a cold, autumn day as Weston’s Rugby players headed out to battle at Don Mills C.I. Most players only wearing a shirt and shorts. It was the first game of the season and after weeks of committed afterschool and lunch practices, they were ready. Their opponents Earl Haig and Victoria Park were equipped with experienced players. Weston had something they didn’t, WESTON TEAM SPIRIT. Ikwinder Singh (Junior Boys Rugby Captain) put it like this, “They may have the experience but we’ve got the passion, we hit hard and smile harder!” This spirit helped the junior boys win a game! Although they lost two, they felt as if the losses improved their performance as a unit. The senior girls started off with a forfeit as they had an insufficient amount of players as many had gone to Camp Tamakwa. The girls were devastated but little did they know with the help of some junior girls they would win the second game! With the collaboration and teamwork of the junior and senior girls, the senior team won 1 game and tied another. The junior girls had 1 loss but with some motivation from their senior friends and Coach Bould, they tied their second game. What a start to Weston’s Rugby Season! From one tournament players learned that working as a unit and having team spirit ultimately affect your chance of success. This was just the beginning, “there’s always room for improvement”, Coach Bould said. We hope for more wins this season. LET’S GO WESTON RUGBY!!!









  • All photos taken by: Ayesha Rashidi

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