Mexico Comes To Weston

11 Oct , 2017  

On October 10th 2017, Weston had the pleasure of hosting a team of delegates from Mexico who were keen about learning all about the Weston community. Through the help of our amazing Weston Ambassadors team and our fabulous Weston staff, the delegates had the opportunity to learn a lot about our school and its community as a whole. Our student ambassadors accompanied the delegates on a tour of our school where they were introduced to all of the various departments and special programs that Weston offers. The delegates seemed particularly impressed with three key features. First was the amount of diversity that Weston encompasses, with a representation of over 80 nations worldwide. Second was how inclusive all are students and staff are, especially in regards to Weston’s Special Education program. Last but not least, the delegates were amazed with how much Weston has to offer to our students, academically and non-academically; ensuring that our students have an opportunity to pursue what they love with the guarantee that they will feel like they belong.