Welcome to the Weston C.I. Math Website!

At the Weston C.I. Math Department, we believe that all students have the potential to succeed in mathematics. However the following steps are required for success:

  • Regular attendance
  • An organized math binder for notes
  • Completion of all homework
  • Review and study of work before quizzes and tests
  • We strive to meet the needs of all students in our community by offering courses at the academic, applies and essential level. We prepare students for university, college admission and the workplace.
  • We challenge students by offering a math club and Canadian mathematics competitions. We help our students by offering remedial math programs and after school tutoring.


Grade 9

MPM 1D1 – Principles of Mathematics, Academic
MFM 1P1 – Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MAT 1L1 – Math Essentials

Grade 10

MPM 2D1 – Principles of Mathematics, Academic
MFM 2P1 – Foundations of Mathematics, Applied
MAT 2L1 – Math Essentials

Grade 11

MCR 3U1 – Functions, University Preparation
MCF 3M1 – Functions and Applications, Uni/College
MBF 3C1 – Foundations for College Mathematics, Col Preparation
MEL 3E1 – Math for Everyday life, workplace preparation

Grade 12

MHF 4U1 – Advanced Functions, University
MCV 4U1 – Calculus and Vectors, University
MDM 4U1 – Mathematics of Data Management, Uni Preparation
MAP 4C1 – Foundation for College Mathematics, Col Preparations
MEL 4E1 – Mathematics for Everyday life

Curriculum Leader

Ms. K. Phan Ext. 20080
Ms. K. Kee


Amani, V
Dimitrov, S

Khanna, N
Lizon, G
Malik, V
Rosen, H
Singh, P
Extension: (416) 394-3250 ext. 20080