Grade 11 I.B. Students Take Leadership To New Heights

20 Jan , 2017  

Under the tutelage of Ms. Dale, Ms. Ransom, Mr. Smith and Mr. Stockdale 14 grade 11 I.B. students were whisked away to the picturesque Cedar Glen Outdoor Education Centre for a two day, one night leadership training session.  It was a jam packed trip focusing on building leadership skills including teamwork, conflict resolution, power and responsibility, mentoring, planning and organization and creativity.

As part of an initiative begun last year the teachers acknowledged the need for additional leadership opportunities for the grade 11’s. The aim of the session was to prepare the grade 11 I.B. students to begin the transition into grade 12 which involves taking over the reigns of leadership from the current grade twelves.  This role  includes an expanded focus on mentorship and  connections between all grades in the I.B. program .

While the students had a ton of fun on the trip they also recognized the importance of leadership and responsibility as part of their holistic growth.  This was evident from the mature and thoughtful student responses during group planning sessions.

Still, the maze and high ropes course must have been a highlight too!! Not to mention Mr. Smith’s epic lip sync battle vs Alif M. J

With this group of Grade 11 leaders, the sky’s the limit!