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IB Multicultural Night

31 May , 2016  

Ticket Vendor Trio~Saloni Modi

On Tuesday May 24th 2016, Weston students helped celebrate IB Multicultural Night. The evening was filled with tasty food to music from all around the world. Which lead on to performances from students showcasing their talents through dance, singing, and spoken word. It was a outstanding night, and just can’t wait for next years IB Multicultural […]


June Exam Schedule 2016

26 May , 2016  


  Click here for exam schedule of 2016 Exams start at 8:45 am and 12:30 pm each day. (Students are required to be in the classroom 10 minutes before the exam officially starts (8:35 am & 12:20 pm respectively).   For more information about TDSB Grades/Exams/Diplomas please go to http://www.tdsb.on.ca/HighSchool/GradesExamsDiplomas.aspx Good Luck!

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Summer STEM Academy is BACK!

17 May , 2016  


Weston’s famed summer STEM Academy is back! Are you an incoming grade 9 and you want to sign up for a FREE 4 week course at Weston in July getting to try out awesome fun things in Science Technology Engineering and Math? The whole time earning a High School Credit???? Have a credit before grade […]


Congrats Freshman 40 Winners Of Weston C.I.

16 May , 2016  


Congratulations to William Leal-D’Elia, Gurveer Sandhu and Angel Shah for accomplishing Freshman 40. It is the first year Weston Collegiate Institute has challenged its grade 9 students to complete all 40 hours of their community involvement in grade 9. The idea of Freshman 40 was brought to Weston by our School Resource Officer P.C. Peter […]

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Future Aces Assembly 2016

5 May , 2016  


On May 4th, the Weston Future Aces held an assembly regarding students to count themselves in. They had performances from future aces students and their talents varied from singing to spoken word. We also had a special guest to perform and her name is Coco and she was a motivational/life coach speaker. This assembly was […]

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Final Culminating Activities!!

29 Apr , 2016  


Hey guys! Did you know the final culminating activities are just around the corner? In fact, all culminating activities start by May 2 and end by June 3. It’s best that everyone completes their term work before starting culminating activities if it’s still possible. Culminating activities are very crucial to your final mark because it’s […]

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W.A.H.M Lunch In @ Weston C.I.

14 Apr , 2016  


On Friday April 8, 2016, Weston Against Harm Movement hosted a staff luncheon to thank the Weston faculty for all its support of W.A.H.M.’s initiatives of building positive relationships in the school and in the community. The W.A.H.M. students were outstanding hosts preparing delicious food, desserts and refreshments. Well done. Below is the link to […]

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Toronto Raptors News @ Weston C.I.

12 Apr , 2016  


We’ll like to celebrate Reginald Ofori’s big break as he reports about one of the most talked about topic within the school. From the hopes of the upcoming events with The Toronto Raptors. With the help of his partner Suyhab, they go around the school and ask students about their opinion and wishes they have […]