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S.T.E.M After School Program!!!

25 Nov , 2015  


On Tuesday Nov 24th, Weston Collegiate hosted 37 students from C.R. Marchant in grades 7 and 8 for their 1st out of 14 STEM classes. The students met in room 124, where they were introduced to their teachers, Mr. Smith, Mr. Degano and Mr. Canner as well as the eight volunteers that are part of […]

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Tamakwa Slideshow 2015

4 Nov , 2015  


All the Grade 9’s had a great time at Tamakwa this year.  They had the ability to make new friends and have fun; as well as developing skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, and teamwork skills. This video displays a lot of students doing different activities and just having a good ole time!

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Camp Tamakwa Grade 9 Talent Show Recap

4 Nov , 2015  


Camp Tamakwa was an excellent experience for grade 9 students to have fun, make new friends, and learn skills such as teamwork.  This video recaps one of the many events that happened at camp. -Video Edited By Akayla Eagle

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Halloween @ Weston

2 Nov , 2015  


Students and teachers celebrate Halloween in a fashionable way. From strutting down the runway in their fun costumes to walking into the scariest haunted house ever made in Weston. Nothing but lots of fun and great memories! By:Felicia Porter Thanks to Weston Yearbook Staffs for the pictures.

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Pumpkin Carving Contest 2015

29 Oct , 2015  


This past Wednesday was Weston’s pumpkin carving contest. A lot of students participated in this event which made it a major success. Everyone did a fantastic job on carving their pumpkin but there has to be winner; and the winner was  Mr. Khatib’s Class (1A). Here are some photos taken by the Weston Yearbook Staff;

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Waffle Day 2015

29 Oct , 2015  


On October Friday 16th 2015, (SAC) Student Activity Council  ran a fantastic day for creating waffles. The Weston students took a major liking to this activity which they greatly took a part in to help fund raise for the school.   Here are some pictures of the Weston Students: Thanks to Weston Yearbook Staff For The […]

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Commencement 2015!!!

29 Oct , 2015  


Last Friday was Weston’s  commencement for the 2015 graduates.  It was a major success thanks to the ambassadors, volunteers, teachers, and of course the graduates! Many graduates have won awards and definitely  had support in the audience from their parents as well. Here are some of the photos taken from the ceremony.  Credits for photos […]

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SHSM- Sports and Media Commencement Graduates

27 Oct , 2015  


This year was SHSM’s Sports and Media 3rd year of graduates. These students have worked hard towards getting the SHSM red seal on their diploma. They have also gotten more experience than average high school students as a result of the training  received over the years. Congratulations to the SHSM graduates of 2015!! Here are photos of the coordinators for the SHSM […]

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A Beginner Film Maker Dream Opportunity

23 Oct , 2015  


Weston’s very own social worker, Mr. Williams,  has started a new program for aspiring film makers called OVT (Overtime).  The program has professional people in the entertainment industry as well as prestige SHSM students that are teaching students who are beginners in film making. This program helps beginners understand the concepts of producing,  scripts/screen writings, camera angles, […]


The Weston Calendar!

24 Sep , 2015  


You can now keep up with everything going on at Weston CI, all on our school website! If you look to the right, you’ll notice a great new calendar, which we update consistently to include all of the many events we host at out school. All you have to do is hover your mouse on […]